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    Service Providers

    Deal Watch: China’s telcos show the way to enterprise 5G

    Major investments by China’s three pre-eminent telcos show how serious China is about building a national infrastructure that will allow enterprises to deploy new applications and edge services in a 5G wireless access environment.

  • Telecoms IT vendors play “belle of the ball” as AWS goes a-wooing

    Service Providers

    Telecoms IT vendors play “belle of the ball” as AWS goes a-wooing

    Earlier this month AWS held its Telecom Symposium, a virtual “coming out” event to showcase its growing telco relationships.

  • Amazon Prime: How the sum is greater than its parts

    远程办公升温背后面临“网安大考”_央广网 - · 中国数据库开拓者之一、达梦数据库董事长冯裕才表示:“在信息时代,数据库如同人体的神经中枢,一旦瘫痪,后果不堪设想。”近年频发的网络安全事件,让越来越多的企事业单位认识到“数据库是网络安全的基石”。

    Amazon Prime: How the sum is greater than its parts

    Key to understanding Amazon’s impact is how the growing number of components of its Prime bundle, Fire device range, and Alexa digital assistant platform combine to win and keep subscribers.

  • vpn数据安全

    Enterprise IT

    Hybrid cloud is the new battleground for the hyperscale cloud service providers

    The use of cloud computing is continuing to grow as organizations look for more agile approaches to IT delivery of applications, workloads, and services.

  • Amid silence on 5G uptake in Europe, KPN shows 5G launch best practice

    Service Providers

    互联网金融 - 金融科技_第三方支付_众筹_互联网 ...- 国际在线:国际在线互联网金融频道,发布最新的众筹资讯、P2P理财新闻以及最新的互联网金融产品、第三方支付信息等,看互联网金融 ...

    Around one year after 5G networks were launched with genuine commercial ambitions, there is still little indication from operators in Europe on user uptake or network usage. While network KPIs will arrive when there is good news to share, their absence hasn’t stopped operators in Europe from pushing ahead with launches, and KPN’s is a great example of how operators should do so.

  • vpn数据安全

    Service Providers

    Japanese telcos eye global 5G equipment market

    Omdia noted several interesting announcements in June that signaled the same thing – Japan and the Japanese telcos are making moves to tap into the global 5G equipment market. However, despite the ambitious target set by the Japanese government, it is still uncertain whether “Made in Japan” will succeed in the global vendor market.

  • vpn数据安全

    Service Providers

    ONAP’s true value may be as a reference implementation of multiple telco standards

    The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) project is in its third year. AT&T remains committed, but many operators and vendors are confused about how ONAP overlaps with other standards activities such as ETSI Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO).

  • Amdocs acquires BSS vendor, Openet

    Service Providers, Enterprise IT

    Amdocs acquires BSS vendor, Openet

    On 23 July, Amdocs announced it had come to an agreement to acquire BSS vendor Openet for $180m. While Amdocs has been on an acquisition spree over the last four years to strengthen its position in the face of an evolving telecoms industry, how Openet fits into the big picture is yet to be seen.

  • Customer engagement solutions for CSPs must look beyond digital

    Service Providers, Enterprise IT

    Customer engagement solutions for CSPs must look beyond digital

    数据安全在路上 - 求是网:2021-8-29 · 这些都允许用户在不安全的网络连接环境中建立安全网络通信。例如,IPVanish VPN和NordVPN等服务器,或一些机构也提供类似支持。 Gerstein表示其经常在旅行中使用VPN访问自己的数据,甚至在不离开美国本土时也是如此。在大多数地方,VPN十分简便

  • Podcasts prove resilient to COVID-19 disruption

    工信部回应VPN管理:依法依规的企业和个人不受影响_中证网:2021-7-25 · 18-06-11 13:37 深信服:起于安全,而不止安全的“安全+云”领军企业 10-08-16 13:16 保险公司VPN接入方式方法分析 18-07-06 14:07 工信部:恳请全国工商联在 ...

    Podcasts prove resilient to COVID-19 disruption

    While there has been major disruption to the daily routines of consumers worldwide as a result of lockdowns or other COVID-19 related restrictions, the podcast sector is proving resilient.

  • International co-operation between regulatory authorities will be vital in regulating online platforms

    Service Providers

    International co-operation between regulatory authorities will be vital in regulating online platforms

    In an era where online content is increasingly user-generated, the responsibility for removing illegal and harmful content, as well as disinformation and fake news, is increasingly lying with the platforms themselves.

  • vpn数据安全

    厄瓜多尔遭遇史上最严重数据泄露事件:涉2千万人 ...:2021-9-17 · 【环球网报道 见习记者 李桐佑】据美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)17日报道,网络安全公司vpnMentor近日发现一起厄瓜多尔大部分民众个人数据遭到泄露事件。

    Telco revenue and capex show resilience in our post-COVID forecast

    Omdia’s latest communications provider revenue and capital expenditure forecast updates for COVID-19 and underlines the relative resilience of revenue most telecoms service providers, and the potential to control investment timing, acting to preserve their strong free cash flows.

  • vpn数据安全

    Enterprise IT

    随申码五十问_新民社会_新民网:2021-3-7 · 运行于上海市电子政务云,数据分布在自主可控的云平台,安全体系比较强,数据安全更有保障。 问题8 :疫情过后,随申码还会沿用下去吗?还会 ...

    Financial services are undergoing a digital transformation that has seen banks move from legacy infrastructure to modern cloud-based technology, but payment rails, although evolving, largely rely on traditional card networks.

  • vpn数据安全

    Service Providers, Enterprise IT

    AI-based solutions will enable CSPs to manage complex 4G and 5G core networks

    CSPs will face several challenges as they migrate core networks from 4G Evolved Packet Core (4G EPC) networks to 5G Core (5GC) networks. As CSPs look to reduce costs, they need to evolve current core network management practices to being less reliant on human experts.

  • vpn数据安全


    Wake up to cyber-espionage

    Cyber-espionage has hit the headlines, with APT29 accused of attempting to steal COVID-19 vaccine development information. Organizations in all sectors should not be surprised that cyber-espionage is real and must be addressed.

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